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Jennifer Maghinay, LPI, CPS, CLA, FLA, NP
David (Kawika) Maghinay, LPI, CPS, FLA, NP

Maghinay Investigations, LLC
Mailing Address: PO Box 5575, Salem, Oregon 97304
Consults & Meeting Address: 494 State Street, Ste 300,
Salem, Oregon 97301
(503) 551-0239 or (503) 510-5461 (503) 365-0911 (fax)

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Call 503-551-0239 and speak with
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We do NOT provide legal advise.
Call 503-510-5461 and
speak with David to discuss
your security needs, prision
consulting cases, and any
other issues you may need
assistance in.  We do not
provide legal advice.
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