Meet the Investigators
Our Investigators, Jennifer and David Maghinay are both
experienced professionals.  They were members of  NCISS
(National Council of Investigation and Security Services),
(National Association of Investigative Services), NNPI
(National Network of Private Investigators)
, Former
member of OALI
(Oregon Association of  Licensed
ServeNow, PID (Private
, D&B (Dunn & Bradstreet) PINow (P I
and are licensed, insured and bonded in Oregon.
Maghinay Investigations is a woman-owned business.  We
also assist in Fugitive Recovery in Oregon.

Jennifer Maghinay   (503) 551-0239

Jennifer is original from Louisville, Kentucky.  After graduating high school,
she entered the US Army in 1976 to serve in the US Army from 1976 -
1978 and served in Ft. Riley, Kansas, the BIG RED ONE.  In 1978, she
moved to Hawaii. While in Hawaii, Jennifer's career took her to the legal
field as a paralegal, specializing in Family Law then move to a large legal
office working in civil & criminal litigation, employment law, real estate
law, business and corporate law.  In 1995, Jennifer moved to Oregon,  
wherein, she continued her career working areas of gang intervention,
suppression, prevention and rehabilitation.  Her passion and career path
and background for the past 30 years has been dedicated to  the areas of
law, specializing in civil litigation, family law, real estate law, estate
planning, employment law,  business law, and felony apprehension,
providing her expertise in legal research & analysis, investigation skills,
witness locates, skip trace, process serving and civil litigation preparation
in both state and federal cases.  Jennifer served as the former Treasurer
for Oregon Association of Legal Investigators OALI (2010-2015), and
served as Region 6A Director for NCISS. She is a Certified Process Server
and an Oregon Notary Public.

David Maghinay    (503) 510-5461

David is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii.  He is a graduate of the
University of Hawaii, he also served in the U.S. Army from 1976 through
1982, serving at USARB Retraining Brigade, Ft. Riley, Kansas.  After his
military service, he went into youth corrections and rehabilitation and
specialized and trained in Interviewing & Interrogations in
Multijurisdication Counterdrug Task Force and Drug & Alcohol Treatment
and Counseling.  He worked in STM (Security Threat Management) at the
Oregon State Penitentiary in Adult  Corrections and Juvenile Criminal
facilities.  David has a vast background and working knowledge in the
"use of force" and in weapons training.  His background includes over 25
years experience in security, surveillance, gang rehabilitation, tattoo  
removal and sex offender treatment. David trained through the Oregon
DPSST and state certified programs and the US Military.  David also
provides counseling services as a
Prison Consultant to help, guide and
steer individuals through their time incarceration while serving their
sentence in the state prison system. David offers personal service to
explain what to excepts, how to survive, family issues, faith issues, and
working while in prison.  He has worked in special housing units, special
management units and he worked security threat groups while employed
as a Corrections Officer with the Oregon Deparment of Corrections on
Death Row.  He is a Certified Process Server, an Oregon Notary Public and
the former OALI Northwest Regional Director.
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