Life while serving in prison
Preparation For Prison Entry
Prison Review Program
Prison Review Program (PRP) helps all new inmates in adjusting to
life while in prison.  If you are sentenced to prison in the State of
Oregon, our Prison Consultant can guide you through the process of
what you can expect and how to serve when serving your prison.
Call: 503-510-5461

Fee Information Available when you call.

I am here to help you adjust to life in prison,
and to understand what to expect and how to
survive while serving your sentence.  I will
answer your questions and prepare you
mentally for your time in prison with knowing
what you can expect and provide you with tools
to make serving your time a little better.
Here are a few things
you should know while
serving your time in

1. Know that you will
lose your freedom.

2. You have to follow
strict rules of conduct

3. You will be told what
to do, where to go and
when to eat, shower,
sleep, work, etc.

4. You will be using the
bathroom in front of
other inmates.

5. You will be wearing
the same type clothing
David Maghinay,
Prison Consultant