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Private Investigative Services
We provide investigative services throughout the United
States and overseas.  Our service is reliable, accurate,
affordable and confidential. We have provided assistance in
cases in Frankfurt, Germany, Istanbul, Turkey, Singapore,
Brazil, Quebec, London,  and Kingston, Jamaica.  We also
offer exceptional nationwide process service, Oregon fugitive
recovery services and TSCM.

We specialize in:
Criminal Defense Cases
Fugitive Locates
Hard to Locate Witnesses/Defendants
Internet Fraud Investigations
Missing Persons
Employment, Asset and Credit Checks
Tenant Screening
Workers' Comp Cases
Litigation Document Preparation
Domestic Issues
Civil Litigation Assistance
Process Service
Skip Tracing
Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
Provide surveillance throughout all of Oregon.
Domestic relations surveillance of suspected spousal cheaters
Workman Compensation surveillance, civil and criminal litigation cases.

Witness Locate
Civil & Criminal Litigation Cases - locating that hard to locate witness for trial.

Fugitive Locates
Assist in fugitive locates throughout Oregon.

Process Service
We provide process service to all counties and cities in Oregon; civil, criminal and
general litigation cases, even the defendant without an address.  We provide this
service 24/7.

Skip Tracing
We offer skip tracing to all legal request throughout the country.

Missing Person
Assist in locating missing persons; cold cases welcome.

I.D. Theft
Bank Fraud, Personal I.D. Theft, Stolen or Lost Property, and
Recovery of Lost or Stolen Funds

Criminal & Employment Background Checks
Tenant Screening
Prospective Employee

Credit & Asset Checks
Tenant Screening

Process Service
Throughout all of Oregon and the continental United States.
MAGHINAY INVESTIGATIONS, LLC  PO Box 5575,  Salem,  OR   97304
Telephone: (503) 551-0239 :: Fax: (503) 365-0911 :: Email: jennifer@maghinayinvestigations.com
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